Protexin Equine Premium

Protexin Equine Premium is dedicated to producing innovative, research based products of the highest quality, providing a complete range of gut health and joint products for the equestrian market. Leading products in the range include Gut Balancer, Acid Ease, Quick Fix and our recently launched supplement for older horses, Fifteen Plus.


CWD specialises in handmade saddles made to the highest precision and specifications for all competition riders.  They have spent a year refining their already successful range to produce the Dynamick which now features closer contact and greater comfort for the rider and the horse. A more streamline and aesthetically-pleasing line for the entire range.


FMBs supplies state-of-the-art therapy equipment to enhance performance, fitness, strength and rehabilitation with a large range of products including PEMF+massage therapy rugs, leg wraps and boots; PEMF+light therapy clusters and pens; water treadmills; cold salt water spas and PEMF+vibration+weigh scale therapy floors.

Snuggy Hoods

Snuggy Hoods Ltd is a thriving global company and continues to lead the market in providing horse ‘coverage’ to not only promote well-being but also to make day to day management easier for the busy horse owner.


Over thirty years ago, NAF launched the first nutraceutical for horses into the UK market, and has continued to lead the way in developing effective products ever since. Using proven ingredients found in nature and creating unique effective formulations, NAF pride themselves on their unparalleled commitment to quality and clean sport. They have a dedicated team focused on not just meeting industry expectations, but exceeding them.